The Sinorcaish Stylesheet v1.2

Welcome to the Sinorcaish stylesheet! This stylesheet gives your web site an attractive, clean-look interface while maintaining a separation of style and content to the greatest possible extent. This allows you to concentrate on the structure and content of your documents, safe in the knowledge that the Sinorcaish stylesheet will do a great job of presenting them to the rest of the world.

Features and Benefits

Images for Sinorcaish

The version of Sinorcaish available from the Open Source Web Design group does not contain any graphical images.

If you would like some appropriate sample images that you can use in your own documents, you should download the version available from the official Sinorcaish web site.

The Sinorcaish stylesheet was designed with you, the web site document writer, in mind:

Inspiration and Acknowledgements

The design of Sinorcaish was influenced by Sinorca, implemented by Haran Sivakumaran. Sinorca, in turn, was based on the look-and-feel of the Acronis company web site as it existed at the time.

Although the Sinorca stylesheet is quite good, it is rather limited: it does not allow floating text boxes, does not really cater for computer-oriented documentation (which requires appropriate styling for elements like <code>, <kbd> and <pre>), and completely ignores (data) tables and many other XHTML elements. These limitations, along with the desire to update parts of the visual interface, led to Sinorcaish: a complete redesign and reimplementation of the Acronis look-and-feel.

The Sinorcaish stylesheet could not have been designed without Eric Meyer’s excellent book, Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide (Second Edition), published by O’Reilly (ISBN 0-596-00525-3). This book is simply one of the best in its class!

Some Testimonials

Sinorcaish is being used successfully on web sites all over the world, as illustrated by just some of the responses received by e-mail:

The Final Word

The Sinorcaish stylesheet was created by John Zaitseff and submitted to the Open Source Web Design group in December, 2004; it was last updated in January, 2006. You should consult the official Sinorcaish web site for updated style sheets and associated images.

You may freely redistribute and/or modify the Sinorcaish CSS stylesheet files (sinorcaish-screen.css and sinorcaish-print.css) on the condition that the original copyright notice is preserved. The same condition applies to this overview document, to the sample document and to the logo image instructions. You may redistribute and/or modify the associated template file without any such restriction. These conditions may be waived; write to John Zaitseff for details.

Your comments, suggestions, corrections and enhancements are always warmly welcomed! Please send these by e-mail to . In addition, you are encouraged to send a short note to the same address should you use this stylesheet in one of your own web sites. Happy coding!