John Zaitseff’s Home Page

Welcome to John Zaitseff’s Home Page on the ZAP Group Web Server! This page is still currently under construction until I have some spare time and energy… Thank-you for your patience!

You might be interested in looking at my photo album of photographs that I have taken in the recent past.

I now officially publish electronic books! You can download and read some of the public domain fiction ebooks that I’ve made available on my website.

I currently work for UNSW Australia (formerly called the University of New South Wales) as a High Performance and Research Computing Officer. I have worked as a Research Engineer in, amongst other things, Biomedical Electronics, Linux Kernel Programming and Artificial Intelligence. If you like, you can download my professional résumé (as a PDF file, 100 KB).

For those interested in older stuff…

I purchased a new desktop computer in 2013. You may be interested in reading how I went about doing this.

I travelled on every country train in NSW in October 2014.

I worked for the School of Electrical Engineering at the University of New South Wales for almost eight years. During that time, one of the things I did was help design a course, ELEC2041 Microprocessors and Interfacing. I created a Digital Systems Laboratory Companion CD-ROM as part of that task.

I was travelling in Russia and Ukraine from Sunday 17th July to Friday 2nd September, 2005. More information is available on my Experiences in Russia and Ukraine 2005 page.

Some 173 photographs from the Slavic Pentecostal Church Conference 2005–06 are now available for your viewing pleasure.

I have my own Bible Reading Plan Bookmarks that you can freely use, if you so wish. This is also available in Russian and in German.

You might like to look at The Russian Dispatch for June 2001 (PDF document, 68KB) or for June 2000 (PDF document, 95KB). These contain my newsletters for June 2001 and June 2000.

I have put together a page describing my experiences in Russia (July–August 2001) in words and photographs. Have a look!

Random Links

By the way, my name in Russian is Иван Анатольевич Зайцев, in case you were wondering…