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54 R+E Благословенье, славу и почесть
701 R+E Бог миру Сына дал, Иисуса
133 R+E Бог не мёртв
230 R+E В моей жизни славься, Господь
1671 R+E Водишь к лугам Ты зелёным
25 R+E Воздайте славу Богу нашему
330 R+E Возношу Тебя, Господь
492 R+E Вот наш Избавитель
1722 R+E Вот, я искуплен
243 R+E Всегда удивляться я должен
11 R+E Всё, что я ценил
2073 R+E В сиянии Царя
233 R+E В тайном месте
1282 R+E Вхожу во Святое Святых
1311 R+E В Христе одном надежда есть
335 R+E Господь, любви Твоей свет сияет
1223 R+E Добрый наш Бог
533 R+E Друг, гляди на Иисуса
675 R+E Еммануил
1267 R+E Есть святые слова
291 R+E Иисус, имя всех выше
367а R+E Иисус, мой Спаситель
1021 R+E Иисусу хвала
301 R+E Имя так прекрасно Твоё!
1406 R+E Истинный свет
447 R+E Ищите прежде Царства Божия
185 R+E Как велика любовь Отца
27 R+E Как олень ищет путь
576 R+E Когда смолкнет всё
1884 R+E К Тебе, Господь, прихожу
438 R+E Ликуй, ликуй!
214 R+E Люблю Тебя и пою хвалу
367б R+E Мой Иисус, Спаситель
262 R+E Мы войдём во дворы
571 R+E На Твою взираю святость я
418 R+E Наш Бог — всемогущий
517 R+E Ныне есть тот день
1718 R+E О, благодать! спасён Тобой
274 R+E О Иисус, как жертва велика Твоя
393 R+E О, малый город Вифлеем
156 R+E Он возвеличен!
158 R+E Он — Господь
732 R+E Он Спаситель для моей души
96 R+E Отец небесный, мы с любовью
1797 R+E От небесных высот
271 R+E Перед Тобой склоняюсь я
611 R+E Превыше силы, превыше царств
265 R+E Предложу Тебе я жизнь
346 R+E Преклонись перед Величием
662 R+E Приди, время пришло поклониться
329 R+E Прихожу к Тебе
67 R+E Прославляй Иисуса
766а R+E Решил идти я за Иисусом
436 R+E Сердце очищай
604 R+E Сияет на мне лицо Твоё
862 R+E Слабый скажет: «я силён»
640 R+E Славный Господь, чудный Спаситель
1563 R+E Слово, Слово Божие
669 R+E Создай во мне сердце чистое
1059 R+E Стерёгших стадо пастухов
329 R+E Твоя сила любви!
1797 R+E Ты изумительный Бог
2169 R+E Ты сделал первый шаг
118 R+E Хвала Тебе, наш Господь
307 R+E Царь царей
309 R+E Царь царей, великий Бог
421 R+E Через вершины и моря
1562 R+E Чрез Христа мы победители
604 R+E Это знает душа моя
1884 R+E Я благодарю Тебя
611 R+E Above All
1703 All Creation Is a Song
1704 All For Love
11 R+E All I Once Held Dear
619 All I Want Is to Know You, Jesus
1198 All the Earth
1114 All We, Like Sheep
1718 R+E Amazing Grace!
370 Amazing Love
54 R+E Ancient of Days
1267 R+E Ancient Words
630 And Here We Are
1722 R+E And I’m Forgiven
604 R+E And That My Soul Knows Very Well
23 A New Commandment
1726 Arise
25 R+E Ascribe Greatness
1135 Ashes to Beauty
27 R+E As the Deer Pants
638 As We Worship You
2006 At the Cross
1135 At the Foot of the Cross
36 Away in a Manger
418 R+E Awesome God
418a Awesome God
726 Awesome in This Place
228 Battle Belongs to the Lord, The
640 R+E Beautiful Lord, Wonderful Saviour
1960 Beautiful Mystery
1634 Beautiful One
701 R+E Because He Lives
817 Be Exalted
643 Before the Throne of God Above
40 Before the World Began
1199 Be Glorified
48 Be Still and Know
47 Be Still, For the Presence of the Lord
188 Better Is One Day
1150 Better Than Life
1150 Better Than the Riches of This World
1026 Be Unto Your Name
96 R+E Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty
647 Blessèd Be the Name of the Lord
1152 Blessèd Be Your Name
54 R+E Blessing and Honour
55 Blessing, Honour, Glory to the Lamb
972 Blood that Jesus Shed for Me, The
972 Blood Will Never Lose Its Power, The
1007 Breathe
1158 By Your Blood
1755 Can You Believe
67 R+E Celebrate Jesus
68 Change My Heart, O God
653 Christians, Awake!
1170 Come Into the Holy of Holies
1171 Come, Let Us Sing
662 R+E Come, Now Is the Time to Worship
1158 Come to the Table
1542 Consuming Fire
669 R+E Create In Me a Clean Heart
1703 Creation’s King
1893 Crucified Man
503 Days of Elijah
80 Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?
674 Draw Me Close To You
724 Eagles’ Wings
675 R+E Emmanuel
1780 Even Though I Walk Through the Valley
2054 Everlasting God
1052 Every Day
1785 Everyone Needs Compassion
89 Faithful One
753 Falling On My Knees
96 R+E Father in Heaven, How We Love You
1198 Father, Into Your Courts I Will Enter
1199 Father, Let Me Dedicate
1290 Father’s Song, The
103 Father, We Love You
108 For All That You’ve Done
1441 For All You’ve Done
688 For Ever
1282 R+E For Your Name is Holy
123 Freely, Freely
687 Friend of Sinners
114 From Heaven You Came
1797 R+E From the Highest of Heights
1215 From the Rising of the Sun
688 Give Thanks to the Lord
118 R+E Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart
103 Glorify Your Name
1808 Glory to Thee, O God of Life
55 Glory to the Lamb
1063 Glory to the Lord
1811 God Above, Beyond Our Understanding
123 God Forgave My Sin
125 God Is Good All the Time
1223 R+E God Is So Good
1629 God Is the Strength of My Heart
701 R+E God Sent His Son
133 R+E God’s Not Dead
134 God Will Make a Way
1974 Great Awakening
2199 Greater Things
706 Great Is the Lord
137 Great is the Lord and Most Worthy of Praise
1232 Hallelujah, For the Lord Our God
142 Hallelujah! Jesus Is Alive
1232 Hallelujah, Our God Reigns
1416 Hallelujah to the Lamb
712 Have Your Way
1020 Healing River
1239 Heal Me, O Lord
886 Hear Our Praises
714 Hear Our Prayer
715 Hear These Praises From a Grateful Heart
576 R+E Heart of Worship, The
480 Heavens Shall Declare, The
262 R+E He Has Made Me Glad
156 R+E He is Exalted
1242 He Is High and Exalted
158 R+E He is Lord
1244 He is the King of Kings
1245 Here I Am
1406 R+E Here I Am to Worship
724 Here I Am Waiting
726 Here in This House
630 Here We Are
732 R+E He’s the Saviour of My Soul
1254 Hide Me Now
2161 Hiding Place
1242 High and Exalted
1685 Highest
171 His Love
241 History Maker
286 Holy and Annointed One
745 Holy Spirit, Rain Down
1267 R+E Holy Words Long Preserved
1900 Honour the Lord
1363 Hope of the Nations
1898 Hosanna
182 Hosanna, Hosanna
185 R+E How Deep the Father’s Love for Us
2073 R+E How Great Is Our God
188 How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place
916 How Majestic Is Your Name
753 Hungry, I Come to You
1880 I Am Not Skilled To Understand
199 I Cannot Tell
1882 I Can Only Imagine
1883 I Cling to the Cross
1884 R+E I Come Before You Today
421 R+E I Could Sing of Your Love For Ever
1282 R+E I Enter the Holy of Holies
515 I Give You My Heart
766 I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
766a R+E I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
1290 I Have Heard So Many Songs
1893 I Have Placed All My Hope
207 I Just Want to Be Where You Are
768 I Know He Rescued My Soul
1295 I Lay My Life Down At Your Feet
212 I Lift My Hands
1297 I Live For You
214 R+E I Love You, Lord, and I Lift My Voice
1811 I Love Your Name
2169 R+E I’m Forever Grateful
1311 R+E In Christ Alone
1797 R+E Indescribable
228 In Heavenly Armour
230 R+E In My Life, Lord
1317 In the Beauty of Holiness
233 R+E In the Secret
1324 In Your Presence
601 I Really Want to Worship You, My Lord
1898 I See the King of Glory
238 I See the Lord
241 Is It True Today
242 Isn’t He Beautiful
243 R+E I Stand Amazed in the Presence
589 I Stand in Awe
851 It Is You
837 It’s All About You
248 It’s Our Confession, Lord
250 It’s Your Blood
550 I’ve Found Jesus
1340 I Was Made to Praise You
1900 I Will Always Love the Lord
1343 I Will Bless the Lord For Ever
815 I Will Come Into Your Presence
262 R+E I Will Enter His Gates
817 I Will Give Thanks to Thee
1348 I Will Magnify You
264 I Will Never Be the Same Again
265 R+E I Will Offer Up My Life
1093 I Will Run to You
212 I Will Serve No Foreign God
1426 I Will Sing
271 R+E I Worship You, Almighty God
825 Jesus, All For Jesus
274 R+E Jesus Christ, I Think Upon
278 Jesus, God’s Righteousness Revealed
1363 Jesus, Hope of the Nations
279 Jesus, How Lovely You Are
280 Jesus! I Am Resting, Resting
1364 Jesus! I Am Resting, Resting
1932 Jesus, I’ve Forgotten
286 Jesus, Jesus, Holy and Annointed One
1669 Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross
290 Jesus, Lover of My Soul
837 Jesus, Lover of My Soul
290a Jesus, Lover of My Soul (modified)
291 R+E Jesus, Name Above All Names
292 Jesus Put This Song Into Our Hearts
300 Jesus, We Enthrone You
301 R+E Jesus, What a Beautiful Name
1943 Joy Has Dawned
1383 Joy of My Desire
850 Just Let Me Say
850a Just Let Me Say (revised)
2192 Kingdom Come
983 King Has Come, The
307 R+E King of Kings
309 R+E King of Kings, Majesty
983 King of Love, The
1667 King of Majesty
11 R+E Knowing You
851 Lamp Unto My Feet
2100 Language of Angels
1643 Let My Words Be Few
551 Let the Flame Burn Brighter
1401 Let There Be Glory and Honour and Praises
862 R+E Let the Weak Say “I Am Strong”
1402 Let Worship Be the Fuel
863 Let Your Glory Fall
815 Lift Him Up
1406 R+E Light of the World
1960 Like a Waterfall
606 Lion of Judah
2129 Living For Your Glory
230 R+E Lord, Be Glorified
1932 Lord, Have Mercy
1967 Lord, I Come Before Your Throne of Grace
329 R+E Lord, I Come To You
330 R+E Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
1416 Lord, I Stand In the Midst of the Multitude
1974 Lord, Pour Out Your Spirit
334 Lord, Prepare Me
485 Lord Reigns, The
335 R+E Lord, the Light of Your Love
1621 Lord, You Are Good
339 Lord, You Are More Precious
1426 Lord, You Seem So Far
1659 Lost in Wonder
1427 Love Unfailing
715 Love You So Much
1343 Made Me Glad
1245 Majesty
346 R+E Majesty, Worship His Majesty
886 May Our Homes Be Filled
354 Men of Faith
2128 Mighty Is the Power of the Cross
1785 Mighty to Save
1575 Miracle In My Heart
1402 Mission’s Flame
359 More Love, More Power
1989 Mountain Maker, Ocean Tamer
577 Mourning Into Dancing
1718 R+E My Chains Are Gone
524 My Desire
1648 My Hope
367 My Jesus, My Saviour
367а R+E My Jesus, My Saviour
367б R+E My Jesus, My Saviour
368 My Life Is In You, Lord
370 My Lord, What Love Is This?
768 My Redeemer Lives
1880 My Saviour, My God
1441 My Saviour, Redeemer
243 R+E My Saviour’s Love
1021 R+E My Tribute
23 New Commandment, A
1654 No One Like You, Lord
2186 Nothing But the Blood
619 Nothing Is As Wonderful
521 Now Is the Time
2003 O Church, Arise
906 O God, You Are My God
908 O Happy Day!
914 Oh, the Mercy of God
393 R+E O Little Town of Bethlehem
916 O Lord, Our Lord
1602 O Lord, To You
401 O Lord, You’re Beautiful
2006 O Lord, You’ve Searched Me
2007 O Magnify the Lord
274 R+E Once Again
404 Once in Royal David’s City
2018 One Thing I Desire
1295 One Way
408 Only By Grace
926 Open the Eyes of My Heart
714 Our Father
418 R+E Our God is an Awesome God
418a Our God is an Awesome God
420 Our God Is So Great
421 R+E Over the Mountains and the Sea
640 R+E Potter’s Hand, The
512 Power and the Glory, The
329 R+E Power of Your Love
435 Praise the Name of Jesus
2007 Psalm 34
436 R+E Purify My Heart
436 R+E Refiner’s Fire
437 Reign In Me
438 R+E Rejoice!
443 Salvation Belongs to Our God
334 Sanctuary
447 R+E Seek Ye First
114 Servant King, The
335 R+E Shine, Jesus, Shine
367 Shout to the Lord
367а R+E Shout to the Lord
367б R+E Shout to the Lord
354 Shout to the North
1508 Sing Unto the Lord
40 So You Would Come
2048 Speak, O Lord
462 Spirit of the Living God
463 Spirit of the Living God
2073 R+E Splendour of the King, The
2180 Stand, The
505 Steadfast Love of the Lord, The
906 Step By Step
1254 Still
2054 Strength Will Rise As We Wait
248 Sweet Mercies
467 Take Me In
467 Take Me Past the Outer Courts
1519 Take Us to the River
472 Thank You for Saving Me
1523 Thank You For the Cross
108 Thank You, Lord
1884 R+E Thank You, Lord
228 The Battle Belongs to the Lord
972 The Blood that Jesus Shed for Me
972 The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power
1290 The Father’s Song
576 R+E The Heart of Worship
480 The Heavens Shall Declare
983 The King Has Come
983 The King of Love
485 The Lord Reigns
640 R+E The Potter’s Hand
512 The Power and the Glory
1536 Therefore the Redeemed
492 R+E There is a Redeemer
493 There is None Like You
996 There Is No Other Name
1542 There Must Be More
503 These Are the Days
114 The Servant King
2073 R+E The Splendour of the King
2180 The Stand
505 The Steadfast Love of the Lord
1555 The Wonder of Your Cross
1556 Think About His Love
512 This Grace Is Mine
1095 This is How We Overcome
515 This is My Desire
1007 This is the Air I Breathe
517 R+E This is the Day
278 This Kingdom
521 This Love, This Hope
265 R+E This Thankful Heart
2100 Though I May Speak
1562 R+E Through Our God
1020 Through the Cross
1563 R+E Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet
1564 Times of Refreshing
524 To Be In Your Presence
1021 R+E To God Be the Glory
1022 To Him Who Sits On the Throne
1427 To the Ends of the Earth
533 R+E Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
1297 U.R.Y.
1562 R+E Victory Song
1026 We Are a Moment
1575 We Are Called to be Prophets
539 We Are Marching
1591 We Give You Glory
550 Well, I Hear They’re Singing In the Streets
551 We’ll Walk the Land
1590 We’re Here Because of Grace
1591 We’re Here to Bless Your Name
1592 Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
1590 We’ve Come to Bless Your Name
1599 We Wait
1602 We Will Seek You First, Lord
1967 What a Faithful God
2138 What Can I Do
2128 What Can Take a Dying Man
2129 What Good Is It
862 R+E What the Lord Has Done in Me
1052 What to Say, Lord?
418a When He Rolls Up His Sleeves
571 R+E When I Look Into Your Holiness
2138 When I See the Beauty
1613 When It’s All Been Said and Done
576 R+E When the Music Fades
577 Where There Once Was Only Hurt
1621 Where Would I Be?
1059 R+E While Shepherds Watched
1063 Who Holds the Heavens In His Hands?
1626 Who Is There Like You?
2149 Who Is There Like You?
1629 Whom Have I In Heaven But You?
1698 Why Should I Fear Man?
1634 Wonderful, So Wonderful
1555 Wonder of Your Cross, The
1523 Worthy is the Lamb
1071 Worthy, You Are Worthy
1637 Worthy, You Are Worthy
589 You Are Beautiful
590 You Are Crowned With Many Crowns
1643 You Are God In Heaven
1077 You Are Holy
1078 You Are Holy, O Lord, So Holy
1081 You Are My All In All
1080 You Are My Hiding Place
2161 You Are My Hiding Place
1722 R+E You Are My King
1081 You Are My Strength When I Am Weak
1648 You Are Righteous
1654 You Are the Stone
330 R+E You Came from Heaven to Earth
1659 You Chose the Cross
2169 R+E You Did Not Wait for Me
2169 You Did Not Wait For Me
1989 You Do All Things Well
1667 You Know That I Love You
601 You Laid Aside Your Majesty
1669 You Led Me to the Cross
1671 R+E You Make Me Lie Down in Green Pastures
604 R+E You Make Your Face to Shine on Me
1780 You Never Let Go
2186 Your Blood Speaks a Better Word
605 You Rescued Me
2199 You’re the God of This City
606 You’re the Lion of Judah
1093 Your Eye Is On the Sparrow
1095 Your Light Broke Through My Night
2191 Your Love
1685 Your Love, O Lord
2192 Your Love Reaches Out to Me
1099 You Said
1698 You Shine
2180 You Stood Before Creation