About the Church Lyrics Database

The Church Lyrics Database was designed to provide an easy way of accessing the overhead projection files for hymn and other song lyrics.

The lyrics in this database are used in worship by the Slavic Evangelical Pentecostal Churches in Australia. In particular, the following collections of songs have been included:

You can access song lyrics either by number or by using an alphabetical index. A global index of all songs in the database is also available.

This version of the Church Lyrics Database contains a total of 2005 lyric files with 2258 index entries. It was released on 6th November, 2016.

Upgrading the Database

You can download the latest version of the database free of charge from the Church Lyrics Database web site; full instructions on what to do are included on that web site. You are also encouraged to provide feedback, particularly corrections and enhancements!


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