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Title: Alias Jungle Doctor
Short title: Alias Jungle Doctor
Expanded title: Alias Jungle Doctor: An Autobiography by Dr. Paul White
Author: Paul White [White, Paul]
Publisher: The ZAP Group
Location: Sydney, Australia
Copyright: Copyright © 1977, 2014, 2016, Paul White Productions.
Subject: Autobiography

“This book,” says Jungle Doctor, “is not just my story—it is part of me.”

And here it all is, traversing five continents and sounding every note of human experience—early tragedy, rising hopes, struggles, success, love, and a wide prospect of increasing medical missionary service among a people in desperate need.

How it all grew into the continuing, worldwide ministry of the Jungle Doctor books in over 70 languages, as well as radio and television, is told with verve and insight and a constant vein of humour that not only holds the interest but also presents a challenge that the reader cannot evade.

Language: English (Australian)
Book UUID: 714AEE6B-040D-41A1-941E-AEE55CFF0B70
Date published: 27th September, 2018

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